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 Jual:PUMP CNP CHLF 8 20  Katalog Produk:INVERTER  Jual:Inverter Toshiba  Jual:MCCB OMRON  Jual:Inverter Omron  Jual:Solenoid Valve Burkert  Jual:RELAY  OMRON G3RD X02PN READY STOCK  Jual:AUXILARY CONTACT BLOCK SIEMENS  Jual:Male Connector H06 02 ( READY STOCK )  Jual:MALE CONNECTOR SMC ( READY STOCK )  Jual:ELCB Merlin Gerlin  Jual:Chain D.I.D, HItachi, MITA  Jual:Limit Switch Allen Bradley  Jual:Sensor Keyence  Jual:Control Unit Keyence  Jual:Gear Head SUMITOMO  Jual:Dc Motor SUMITOMO  Jual:VS Mini SERIES Yaskawa  Jual:Mesin Antrian  Jual:Fitting SMC  Jual:SMC Mounting Nut  Jual:Nachi Pump  Jual:Transistor  Jual:Vane Pump  Jual:Power Moller ITOH DENKI  Jual:Mesin Antrian  Jual:Air Regultor SMC  Jual:Fitting Pisco  Jual:Cam Follower  Jual:Air Cylinder SMC  Jual:Relay Omron  Jual:MCCB Fuji Electric  Jual:Relief Valve  Jual:Sensor SUN X  Jual:Power Supply Omron  Jual:Relay Bestact  Jual:Vacuum Pump Fuji  Jual:Solenoid Valve Airtac  Jual:Brushless Motor Oriental  Jual:Clutch , Brake Motors ORIENTAL  Jual:Servo Motor Oriental  Jual:Sprocket Tsubaki  Jual:Annunciator Relay FUJI  Jual:Voltage Relay  Jual:Push Button Fuji Electric  Katalog Produk:Laser Sensor IFM  Katalog Produk:Inductive Sensor For Valves  Jual:IFM PROXIMITY SENSOR  Jual:Chain Tsubaki  Jual:Limit Switch Tend  Jual:Limit Switch Telemecanique  Jual:Limit Switch Omron  Jual:Inverter Fuji Electric  Jual:Inverter SIEMENS  Jual:Inverter ABB  Jual:Inverter LS  Jual:PLC MITSUBISHI  Jual:PLC OMRON  Jual:Bearing SKF  Jual:Bearing  Jual:Circuit Breaker  Jual:Solenoid Valve Ross  Jual:Solenoid Valve VIKERS  Jual:Solenoid Valve Danfoss  Jual:Solenoid Valve  Jual:Inverter Yaskawa  Katalog Produk:Servo Motor  Katalog Produk:Terminal Blok  Katalog Produk:Capacitive Sensor IFM  Katalog Produk:Magnetic Sensor IFM  Jual:Air Filter Regulator SMC  Jual:Sensor Hokuyo  Jual:Roller Chain  Katalog Produk:Inverter Hitachi  Jual:Stop Control IDEC  Jual:LOW VOLTAGE FUSE FUJI ELECTRIC BLA SERIES  Jual:Timer Relay Fuji Electric  Jual:LOW VOLTAGE FUSE FUJI ELECTRIC  Jual:Command Switches FUJI ELECTRIC  Jual:Air Circuit Breaker FUJI ELECTRIC  Jual:ELCB FUJI ELECTRIC  Jual:MCB FUJI ELECTRIC  Jual:Sensor IDEC  Jual:Power Supply IDEC  Jual:PLC IDEC  Jual:Socket IDEC  Jual:Circuit Protector IDEC  Jual:Relay IDEC  Jual:Push Button IDEC  Jual:Contactor Fuji  Jual:Switching Power Supply IDEC  Jual:IDEC  Jual:Magnetic Blocks KANETEC  Jual:KANETEC  Jual:Kabel SUPREME  Jual:IFM ( Jermany )  Jual:Yuken Solenoid Valve  Jual:Mesin Antrian Queneti Q Voice  Jual:Mesin Penghitung Uang Tissor T1020  Jual:Link Belt   ANTI VIBRATION BELT AND PULLEYS  Jual:Check Modular Valve  Jual:Mesin Antrian QUENETIC Stand Alone Non Voice ( QSA Non Voice)  Jual:Nachi Solenoid valve  Jual:Mesin Penghitung Uang Tissor T10 
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Product ELectric Inverter

Product ELectric InverterAn inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC); the converted AC can be at any required voltage and frequency with the use of appropriate transformers, switching, and control circuits.
Solid-state inverters have no moving parts and are used in a wide range of applications, from small switching power supplies in computers, to large electric utility high-voltage direct current applications that transport bulk power. Inverters are commonly used to supply AC power from DC sources such as solar panels or batteries.
There are two main types of inverter. The output of a modified sine wave inverter is similar to a square wave output except that the output goes to zero volts for a time before switching positive or negative. It is simple and low cost (~$0.10USD/Watt) and is compatible with most electronic devices, except for sensitive or specialized equipment, for example certain laser printers. A pure sine wave inverter produces a nearly perfect sine wave output (<3% total harmonic distortion) that is essentially the same as utility-supplied grid power. Thus it is compatible with all AC electronic devices. This is the type used in grid-tie inverters. Its design is more complex, and costs 5 or 10 times more per unit power (~$0.50 to $1.00USD/Watt).[1] The electrical inverter is a high-power electronic oscillator. It is so named because early mechanical AC to DC converters were made to work in reverse, and thus were "inverted", to convert DC to AC.
The inverter performs the opposite function of a rectifier.
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